Our tour leaders 

We have them in all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and areas of interest. All of our tour leaders are enthusiastic, cordial, flexible, well-trained, and multi-lingual – all speak English, German and Dutch, some speak French or Italian too. They are responsible for the logistical and organizational aspects of our tours.

  • Arie Arfman

    Arie Arfman

    I have been working with Boat Bike Tours for quite some seasons. I am a …

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  • Bert Houtenbos

    Bert Houtenbos

    I’m Bert, I was born in the Netherlands and I’m living partly in Holland and …

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  • Felix Tan

    Felix Tan

    Travel with me and experience the country, the people and the culture through the eyes …

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  • Francien van der Lee

    Francien van der Lee

    As long as I can remember I have been an enthusiastic biker. I have three …

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  • Fred van Leeuwen

    Fred van Leeuwen

    I’m guiding bike tours for several years now, previous ive been working as a sales …

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  • Gijsbert Valstar

    Gijsbert Valstar

    Cycling holidays with my parents (a long time ago as a kid) inspired me to …

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  • Guus Venderbosch

    Guus Venderbosch

    Since a few years I have been guiding the tours between Amsterdam and Bruges. The …

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  • Hester van Vliet

    Hester van Vliet

    Taking a cycling trip is the best thing in the world! You see everyday life …

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  • Hilde Beijer

    Hilde Beijer

    “I picture broad rivers, meandering through unending lowland, rows of incredibly lanky poplars, huge plums …

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  • Ilse Janneman

    Ilse Janneman

    Riding a bike makes me feel good. There is no better way to see, feel …

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  • Lia van Zaal

    Lia van Zaal

    Sporty, energetic and creative are three key words I would use to describe myself; qualities …

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  • Marcel Schoehuijs

    Marcel Schoehuijs

    Boat Bike Tours offers me the ideal combination of purely pleasurable activities: biking, boating and …

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  • Margriet Andela

    Margriet Andela

    During the day I’ll show my guests the highlights of the tour: where to eat …

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  • Marianne Barth

    Marianne Barth

    In my opinion, cycling is the most fantastic way to explore your surroundings, and to …

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  • Margreet Klijn

    Margreet Klijn

    Hello, nice to meet you! I’m Margreet: mother of two adult children who are studying …

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  • Marja van Leeuwen

    Marja van Leeuwen

    What is so beautiful about cycling through the Netherlands, are the different impressions that you …

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  • Michiel van der Ark

    Michiel van der Ark

    What started as a year of backpacking through North America, turned into a lifelong passion …

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  • Mijntje Janssen Steenberg

    Mijntje Janssen Steenberg

    “The Dutch are born on a bike!” I often hear guests say. Hello everyone, I …

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  • Nel den Boer

    Nel den Boer

    Traveling, sailing and cycling are my passions! That is why the unique concept of Boat …

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  • Nico van Es

    Nico van Es

    It’s a FAQ as a guide; which route is best? I reply – in all …

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  • Peter Verstraten

    Peter Verstraten

    Before being a tour leader for Boat Bike Tours I was a city guide in …

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  • Rikko Bulten

    Rikko Bulten

    When I turned 40, I decided to change my working life in the public housing …

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  • Sandra de Jonker

    Sandra de Jonker

    After a career as executive secretary and management assistant I switched to the hospitality branch, …

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  • Tamara Veenendaal

    Tamara Veenendaal

    I’m Tamara, also known as Tamy, and I’m half Dutch and half Italian. I’ve been …

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  • Thomas Wuts

    Thomas Wuts

    I started as a tour guide in 1998, fascinated by what I consider the ideal …

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  • Tom Stout

    Tom Stout

    It is fun to see a new group of travelers of all ages and nationalities …

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