The people behind Eurosail

Eurosail Travel is a Boat & Bike Tour Operator specializing in Boat & Bike holidays for group bookings. Based in Amsterdam we offer group tours that combine the thrill of cycling through some of the most breath-taking sights Europe has to offer with the carefree days spent meandering along the canals, rivers and waterways of this enchanting part of the world.

Eurosail Travel is a brand of Channel Cruises Holland BV and is a sister company of Boat Bike Tours, which specialises on individual Boat & Bike Tours.


Jossie Verkerk, the driving force behind Eurosail, brings a wealth of experience to the day-to-day operation of Eurosail having earned her stripes as an organizer of bike & boat vacations in and around the Netherlands. After Eurosail joined Boat Bike Tours, Jossie’s main focus has been working alongside the dedicated and experienced Eurosail team to offer you Bike & Boat Group Tours in which every last detail has been carefully thought through and planned, and is executed to the highest possible standard to guarantee your vacation will be a memorable one!

The crews of the barges, always friendly

Though your captain, chef and tour guide will vary depending on the tour you choose, Eurosail hand-picks every crew member to ensure only the most skilled and enthusiastic are selected to look after our guests. The chef will surprise and delight you with wonderful meals made from freshly-sourced ingredients. The captain will welcome you onboard and happily share the secrets of sailing with you and, during many bike trips, you’ll be accompanied by guides who know the region inside out, speak the local language fluently and are genuinely excited to share the culture, history, art, architecture and hidden gems of Europe with you.