Biking skills and safety

Nearly all of our trips are suitable for a wide range of cyclists, but please note that for each of our tours a good physical condition and basic cycling skills are required.

Physical condition and cycling skills

A good physical condition is important because every day we bike between 40 km and 60 km. With basic cycling skills, we mean that you should be able to ride in traffic, and that you are able to stay with the group without causing dangerous situations. So training on an exercise bike is not enough!

Average speed

To cover the daily distances and have time to visit the highlights along the route, have a coffee and a relaxed lunchbreak means that we expect you to be able to cycle an average speed of at least 15 kilometers / 9 miles per hour. This is also the average speed our tour leaders will ride during the guided tours.


The countryside is mostly flat and we use separate bike paths and quiet country roads as much as possible, but we will often have to share the road with car traffic and we will have to cross busy intersections.


Moreover, it is not always sunny and calm weather. Even under poor weather conditions (head wind or rain) you should feel safe and able to cover the distance. Of course there is always the possibility to stay on board for a day and have some extra rest.

Our experienced tour leaders will advise you to stay on board for a day in case your skills are insufficient to bike safely in the group under the given circumstances. Please accept their advice.