The beauty of the tours that we offer is that they are fully customizable. If you want to bike more (or less) or spend more time in a particular city, it can all be discussed.

Even if you do not intend to go cycling at all, you can still book one of our ships for your group. In this case the ship will only be your means of accommodation and transportation, combined with a touring car or public transportation. Without the cycling element, far more emphasis will be on the history and culture of the region you visit with your tour leader offering excursions and guided (city) walks.

  • A cultural tour

More than during our cycling tours, the emphasis will be on the history and culture of the region you visit. The tour leader will offer excursions and guided walks.

  • A musical Tour

How beautiful is that? To spend a week on the water with your music friends and to combine making music with sporty bike rides. And what about a performance in the harbor of a beautiful historic town?

  • A Tour for painters

A group trip with your painting club is a fantastic way to get the right inspiration to paint beautiful landscapes from the deck of the ship. You can combine that with walks or bike rides and with visiting the local museums.

  • A family reunion

What do you think of the idea of inviting your entire family for a pleasant Bike & Barge vacation? Many of our trips are suitable for all ages; for a fit grandfather of 80 years old and his children and grandchildren.

Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us!