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Charter a ship | All Over Europe

There is no better way to travel with a group of friends or family through Europe than to spend carefree days cycling through lush valleys, quaint villages and past ancient monuments and peaceful evenings drifting along endless canals as the sun sets over the surrounding countryside. We fondly refer to our ships as “floating hotels” because they combine all the luxuries of a hotel with the intimate atmosphere of a ship whose devoted crew and professional chef are there to ensure you are well-looked after throughout your stay.

If you are looking for an authentic way to experience European cuisine, culture, art and architecture with a group of friends or family, have a look at the tours we have on offer and book a holiday experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Why choose Eurosail Travel

  • Our tours combine the adventure of cycling through European countryside with the carefree experience of sailing along Europe’s canals on a “floating hotel”. You will meet friendly locals and learn about the culture in the most authentic way possible.
  • Our ships are spacious enough to be comfortable, but intimate enough to guarantee our guests get personal attention. At mealtimes, delicious dishes using fresh, local ingredients set the standard and a full-time staff of multi-lingual crew members look after your every need
  • The small biking groups are accompanied by expert guides. We have created route options that let you customize your experience to your desired level of activity