Booking process

If you are interested to charter a complete ship or barge, please contact our specialized team at [email protected]. When you book such a tour (charter a ship), this combination of travel services being offered is a package travel in the sense of EU Regulation 2015/2302. Therefore, customers are entitled to all EU rights applicable to package travel agreements. More information about the basic rights of the customer/traveler is available in the “Standard Information Form Package Travel” and on the website of the European Union (external link) EU Regulation 2015/2302.

Organizing tour operator in such a case is Eurosail Travel (a brand of Channel Cruises Holland b.v.), based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our team of specialists will assist you to choose the right ship and itinerary or design a customized program for you. They can give you an option for a certain date for a limited period to enable you to get your group together and make a decision. After confirmation from your side, we will send you a charter contract and an invoice for the first payment. After we have received a signed copy of the charter contract you have officially booked your tour.

Have a wonderful trip!