Level of Difficulty

We have divided up our routes into four levels of difficulty, where 1 is easy, and 4 can be challenging. Nearly all of our trips are suitable for a wide range of cyclists, but please note that for each of our tours a good physical condition and basic cycling skills are required.

How did we set these levels?

The Netherlands, for example, is very flat, so we’ve classified Dutch tours as level 1. Although, those who have endured the sometimes strong headwinds in the vast flat polder lands may beg to differ!

Most of the tours in Belgium and Germany require the same level of exertion: grade 1. The countryside is flat and/or you follow river valleys. Some tours in northern France and the tour in Bordeaux are graded as level 2. Here the countryside is slightly hilly, up to a daily elevation of 250 – 300 meters. The French Champagne tour is graded as level 3. The terrain is quite hilly, up to a daily elevation of 350 – 400 meters. In some parts of southern Europe, such as Italy and Croatia, the tours can be levels 3 and 4. This is because some of the daily cycling tours go through hillier countryside, have steeper climbs and sometimes the temperatures can be high.

If you have any questions about your cycling skills, please read the relevant info.