Internet aboard the ship

Wi-Fi for guests

All ships on the ‘own tours’ of Eurosail Travel have an internet connection on board and offer Wi-Fi for guests. Please be aware that in all cases it is an internet connection via the mobile (cell-phone) network and might be slower than a cable network that you may have at home.

Use of Wi-Fi on board comes in various packages

  • Some ships offer free limited data packages (usually 100 Mb per device per day); additional data packages can be purchased online (you will need a credit card).
  • Other ships offer unlimited internet during the whole tour when you pay a fixed fee of approx. €10 to €15 per week.
  • Premium ships always offer free, unlimited use of the internet.

Please be aware of the fact that internet is available in public areas on board (lounge, salon, restaurant), but that the signal may not be strong enough in your cabin (especially in lower deck cabins).

The descriptions mentioned above solely apply to Eurosail’s own tours. The availability, quality and prices for the use of internet and Wi-Fi on board of ships on so-called ‘partner tours’ may differ. Please read your itinerary and boarding info carefully, to find out what information is applicable.