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Bike barge tour Austria; cycling delights for all tastes

A firm favorite among lovers of bike barge tours, Austria has the looks, culture and charm to please even the most exacting admirers of Europe. Simply imagine it: days spent exploring the verdant valleys of the Danube River by bicycle, stopping off in renowned wineries, admiring the medieval architecture and uncovering centuries of cultural heritage…

Don’t just imagine it. Board one of our fine river bargesjust across the border in Germany’s “Three Rivers City”, Passau, and set sail on a relaxed adventure combining leisurely bike tours in the Austrian countryside, and all the comforts of home aboard your floating hotel.

Vienna: A must on your bike barge tour of Austria

Vienna is an indisputable highlight of a bike barge tour in Austria — but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! There is so much to see and cycle as you following the meandering path of the Danube: the impressive hairpin turn made by the river at the “Great Loop”, the vineyards producing the country’s prestigious riesling and grüner veltliner wines, and the rolling hills of the Wachau Valley, adorned with fortresses and historic towns, for a start.

Then, Vienna. You can get to know this elegant metropolis with a bike tour or explore impressive landmarks like the St. Stephens Cathedral, Ringstrße Boulevard, the State Opera House and the Hofburg on foot. Of course, a visit to one of the famous Viennese coffee bars for a luscious strudel is a must or perhaps find a Wiener schnitzel — for the truly hungry!

Austria is just the beginning — pan-European cycle cruises

Although you could be tempted to just stick to a bike barge tour of Austria’s many attractions, keep in mind that many Danube River cycle and cruise tours travel to even more European attractions. Perhaps add the stately Slovakian and Hungarian capitals, Bratislava and Budapest, or even embark on an epic 15-day tour of six Danube countries to the Iron Gates.