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Germany: Aschaffenburg – Bamberg or vice versa

Main river and Bavaria
Aschaffenburg One way tour. Possible in both directions. Bamberg

Highlights of this tour

Biking in River Main’s idyllic vineyards

Visit UNESCO-listed Bamberg & Würzburg

Taste fine Bavarian wines

Barge with max. 20 passengers

  • Guided cycling: A tour leader will guide you during the cycling days
  • Independent cycling: No tour leader, the ships’ crew does daily briefing, independent cycling
guidance Independent cycling
  • Level 1: easy tours, very flat terrain
  • Level 2: quite easy tours, mostly flat terrain
  • Level 3: requires a higher level of exertion, medium hilly terrain
  • Level 4: for experienced cyclists, hilly terrain with climbs
Difficulty level 1 Difficulty level 1
Duration of the tour.
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8 days

About this tour

Bike and Barge Germany: Main river and Bavaria | Aschaffenburg – Bamberg or vice versa | Allure

Experiencing the wealth of culture, delicious food and wine, historic towns, quaint villages and spectacular works of architecture and art that Bavaria has to offer via boat and bike is an adventure you will never forget!

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bamberg, which celebrates over a thousand years of art and culture whilst still staying young at heart. Cycle through endless idyllic Bavarian vineyards as you journey toward the charming town of Hassfurt where many monuments from the 15th and 16th centuries stand to this day. Taste some of the world’s most flavourful white wines in the vibrant town of Kitzingen, followed by a breath-taking trek to Volkach, a wine town full to bursting with rolling vineyards, quiet river meadows and lush orchards.

This tour will also visit Würzburg, a Baroque city that is home to the Residenz Palace and rococo style gardens, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If the spirit of adventure and the longing for a holiday well off the beaten track is calling you to abandon the familiarity of your day-to-day life for something a little different, we think you’ll love this tour!

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Day to day program Aschaffenburg to Bamberg

Parts that are printed in italics parts will be covered by the ship.

All distances are “approximate distances” of recommended bike tours.

Schedule/timetable: the schedule and programme are always subject to change. • If a certain route cannot be taken due to high or low tides, the Skipper retains the right to change the route for reasons of safety without this constituting any legal entitlement to a claim.

Day 1 (Sat): Embarkation: Aschaffenburg

The adventure begins with check-in at 4pm in Aschaffenburg, after which the captain, tour leader and crew will welcome everyone. With our tour leader leading the charge, we’ll enjoy a walking tour of the town, a tranquil university-city that offers numerous magnificent buildings and narrow streets flanked by half-timbered houses and numerous wine bars and cafés. However, the most impressive of these is Johannisburg Castle, which is built from red sandstone and stands as one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Germany.

Day 2 (Sunday): Aschaffenburg – Bürgstadt (Miltenberg) (Approx. 40 km/24 mi)

A host of intriguing experiences await you as you set off on your first bike ride along the river toward Bürgstadt where you have the option of cycling on either side of the river Main. From there it’s on to the emerald floodplain forest between Nilkheim and Niedernheim which you’ll cycle through before switching to the “planet-cycle” track along which you’ll find information about the universe as you make your way from Kleinwallstadt to Erlenbach. Feel free to rest on the many benches provided along the track or even take a swim in the cool river waters. In Miltenberg you’ll visit one of Germany’s oldest hotels, the “Zum Riesen”, which was built in 1590. Or, if you fancy a visit to a marketplace that backs directly into the woods, pay a visit to the Schnatterlochturm. You’ll sleep aboard the ship, which will be docked in Bürgstadt for the night.

Day 3 (Mon): Bürgstadt (Miltenberg) – Wertheim | Wertheim – Lohr (Approx. 40 – 45 km/24-27 mi)

Day three starts with a leisurely breakfast as you drift into Wertheim, best known for its landmark castle and historical market place in which you will find what some have called the narrowest house in the entire Franconian region! Your bike tour will kick off from here as you cycle through to Lohr, known for its historic Franconian timbered buildings. If you fancy a flight into fairy-tale fantasy, some say that Lohr am Main, the gateway to the Spessart mountains, is where Snow White once lived. This myth is brought to life by the castle Lohr (Kurzmainer Schloss) which brings the enchanting character of the city to life.

Day 4 (Tuesday): Lohr – Karlstadt |  Karlstadt – Wurzburg (Approx. 30 km/18 mi)

At daybreak we set sail to Karlstadt, which perfectly combines the romance of an old town with the idyllic charm of a village. Some of the buildings here have stood for over 800 years, as have the towers, walls and gates surrounding the town. Our cycle tour continues to Wurzburg where you’ll re-join the ship in the afternoon, but not before visiting the palace gardens and square of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Residenz Palace. Time allowing, you should also take in the awe-inspiring view from the Marienburg fortress or have a stroll over the 180 meter long Old Main Bridge, which is lined with several statues of saints.

Day 5 (Wednesday): Wurzburg – Kitzingen (Approx. 40 km/24 mi)

The main cycle track from Wurzburg takes you to Ochsenfurt district. Be sure to stop by the lance tower of Ochsenfurt before we head on through the ancient village of Markbreit on to Kitzingen, home of the German Fastnachtsmuseum (carnival museum), which celebrates the history of German carnivals and ancient Franconian customs. Wine production is taken very seriously in Kitzingen, so much so that all the former beer breweries have been converted to wineries, making this an ideal place to overnight for wine lovers!

Day 6 (Thursday): Kitzingen – Dettelbach |  (Kitzingen -) Dettelbach – Schweinfurt (Approx. 40 – 60 km/24 – 36 mi)

On day six you’re faced with a choice – stay on the ship as it sails on to Dettelbach or hop back in the saddle from Kitzingen as you wind through the vineyards to Volkach. Once here, be sure to visit the pilgrimage church of St Maria in Weingarten, the oldest parish in the region. From there, it’s onward to Fahr where a welcome sign in the shape of a wine bottle both greets you, and sets the tone for the evening as you make your way on to Schweinfurt.

Day 7 (Friday): Schweinfurt – Haßfurt | Haßfurt – Bamberg (Approx. 35 – 40 km/21 – 24 mi)

After cruising with the ship to Haßfurt, you’ll cycle via Zeil am Mein along the borderline between Franconian wine and beer country to our final stop at Bamberg. Just like Rome, Bamberg was built on seven hills, which is how it got the name “Franconian Rome”. Be sure to check out “Little Venice”, the fisherman’s quarter of the city. Beer lovers will be spoiled for choice in this city which boasts no less than eleven independent breweries!

We strongly advise staying on in Bamberg. It’s well worth spending an additional two or three days exploring this UNESCO World Heritage City with its rich history of art and culture and vibrant energy.

Day 8 (Saturday): Disembarkation: Bamberg

As the final day of our epic journey dawns, we’ll enjoy a final breakfast together with disembarkation continuing through until 9:30am.

Good to know

Bike tours: the bike tours are individual and unguided. They cover distances between 30 and 60 km / 18 and 36 miles. All of the stated kilometre distances are approximate distances for the recommended bike tours.
The tour description is only available in German, but the crew speaks English and is willing to explain the tour in English. The tracks are well signposted.

Characteristics: Almost all parts of the bike tours are easy to ride.
Luggage: please make sure that your vacation luggage includes good rainproof gear (jacket and pants), a sun hat and sunscreen as well as tennis shoes. Due to the lack of storage room in the cabins we advise you to bring suitcases or bags which are foldable.

Travel Documents: EU-citizens (without special situations like dual citizenship, main residence abroad or a limited-validity passport) are required to have a valid passport or ID-card, not expiring within six(6) months of the return of your cruise. We kindly ask non-EU citizens, EU-nationals with multiple citizenship or anybody who has to respect special legal entry requirements for the country to visit, to inform about visa and entry documents at the competent embassy.

This trip is not suitable for guests with reduced mobility.

Day to day program Bamberg to Aschaffenburg

Parts that are printed in italics parts will be covered by the ship.

All distances are “approximate distances” of recommended bike tours.

Schedule/timetable: the schedule and programme are always subject to change. • If a certain route cannot be taken due to high or low tides, the Skipper retains the right to change the route for reasons of safety without this constituting any legal entitlement to a claim.

Parts that are printed in italics parts will be covered by the ship.

All distances are “approximate distances” of recommended bike tours.

Schedule/timetable: the schedule and programme are always subject to change. • If a certain route cannot be taken due to high or low tides, the Skipper retains the right to change the route for reasons of safety without this constituting any legal entitlement to a claim.

Day 1 (Sat): Embarkation: Bamberg

Individual arrival and embarkation as from 4 p.m. in Bamberg, where you will stay for the night. Like Rome, the city was built on seven hills and one therefore likes to call it the “Franconian Rome”. If you arrive early, you may still have the time to experience the fascinating heritage of world culture. The fishermen’s quarter of “Little Venice”, a row of residences from the 17th century, is also worth seeing. If you like beer, you have to drink a nice cool beer here. There are still eleven independent breweries in the city!

Day 2 (Sun): Bamberg – Haßfurt | Haßfurt – Schweinfurt (30-40 km/18-24 mi.)

Today you will start sailing to Haßfurt with it’s beautiful historic inner town. It is situated between two nature area’s and you will find several interesting religious buildings over here, like the late Gothic “Ridderkapel” (Knight’s chapel) and the parochian church with paintings of Tilman Riemenschneider. From here, you will continue cycling. The tour will take you to the former emperor’s city of Schweinfurt.

Day 3 (Mon): Schweinfurt – Stammheim – Kitzingen (32 km/19 mi. or 60 km/36 mi.)

Today’s cycling tour will take you to Kitzingen. In this historical wine trading city you will also find the German Fastnachtsmuseum (carnival museum). Here you will get an impression of the history of carnival; you will find information about the medieval Franconian customs too in this museum. In Kitzingen, the old and former beer breweries have changed to wine production, as the historic cellar equipment will show you. Some of the Kitzinger restaurants serve typical Franconian dishes like Sauerbraten mit Kloß (beefstew and potatoes) or Karfpen Blau (fish). If you prefer to cycle a short tour, you can sail till Stammheim and start cycling from there.

Day 4 (Tue): Kitzingen – Würzburg (40 km/24 mi.)

Würzburg, homing several points of interest, is awaiting you at the end of today’s tour. Visit the Würzburg Residenz, considered one of Germany’s most important castles, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage since 1981, enjoy the magnificent view from the fortress Marienburg or visit the Sint-Kilianusdom. Würzburg is the center of Franconian wines and is, due to the presence of several universities, also lively in the evening.

Day 5 (Wed): Würzburg – Karlstadt | Karlstadt – Lohr (30 km/18 mi.)

In the morning the Allure cruises  to Karlstadt, where you will arrive around 10.30 hr. The romance of an old town and the idyll of a village – Karlstadt has both. Explore the more than 800 year old buildings in the by walls, towers and Gates surrounded old town. From Karlstadt you will cycle to Lohr am Main, your goal of today. Typical for the beautiful old town are the historic Franconian timbered buildings. Lor am Main is the gateway to the lower Spessart mountains. Some people say it was the place where Snowwhite used to live…. Buildings like the castle Lohr (Kurzmainer Schloss) emphasize the enchanting character of the city.

Day 6 (Thu): Lohr – Wertheim | Wertheim – Bürgstadt (Miltenberg) (40-45 km/24-27 mi.)

In the morning you will cruise with the ship from Lohr tot Wertheim, which has a castle with the same name as a landmark. The historical market place, with what probably is the narrowest house of the Franconian land, is the center of town. Here starts today’s bike tour to Miltenberg, situated between Spessart and Odenwald. The modern hotel “Zum Riesen”, which was built in 1590, is one of the oldest hotels of Germany. Famous is also the Schnatterlochturm, where you can walk straight into the woods from the market place. Over the city you can see the castle of Miltenberg, built around 1200. The docking place of the ship is about 2 km from town center.

Day 7 (Fri): Bürgstadt (Miltenberg) – Aschaffenburg (40 km/24 mi.)

As soon as you have left Miltenberg, you can cycle either on the right or left side of the river Main to Asschaffenburg. You will cycle on the “Kosmosradweg”(planet-cycle track) from Erlenbach to Kleinwallstadt. Along this track you will find information about the universe. The floodplain forest between Nilkheim and Niedernheim is pleasant to ride on in the summer. All along the river you will find benches or rest areas where you can rest or even take a swim. Your destination for today is the beautiful and quiet university city of Afschaffenburg, which offers numerous magnificent buildings. Johannisburg Castle, built with red sandstone, is one of the most important and most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Germany. The lively center with narrow streets offers many half-timbered houses and numerous wine bars and cafes.

Day 8 (Sat): Disembarkation: Aschaffenberg

After breakfast: disembarkation till 9 a.m. and end of the tour.

Prices & information

The price of a charter depends on many things. The beauty of the tours that we offer is that they are fully customizable. We can add extra services such as special bikes, extra meals or we can organize visits to the highlights of the region where you cycle that are not included in the program. That all affects the price. You can request a quote here for a trip of your choice. Our team of specialists will assist you to choose the right ship and itinerary or design a customized program for you.

Included in this tour

8 days/7 nights

Program according to itinerary

Full board-Plus-Arrangement:
7 x breakfastbuffet
Packed lunches or noontime snack
7 x 3-course dinner incl. 1 glass of wine
Coffee and tea on board during breakfast and in the afternoon

Welcome drink

Use of bed linen and towels

Daily cleaning of the cabin

Daily briefings by the skipper (board tour guide, English & German speaking)

Maps and information material (German) for cycling tours (1 set per cabin)

Use of a helmet (2 per cabin)


Excluded in this tour


Coffee and tea on board at other hours

Bicycle rental or E-bike rental including pannier bag

Personal insurances

Gratuities (at your discretion)

Entrance fees and excursions

City maps

Fees for ferries

Transfers to/from the docking place

Parking fees


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Great trip. Great value.

Ronald William Chappell & Susan Glascock Chappell

Reply from Boat Bike Tours

Thanks very much for your review. Team Boat Bike Tours / EuroSail

Great trip, great scenery, great food, fun people. I’d do another trip with Eurosail/Bike Planet in a heart beat.

Jean and Jan Stage

Reply from Boat Bike Tours

Thanks very much for your review. Team Boat Bike Tours / EuroSail

My husband and I cannot be happier with our experiences with Eurosail. Everyone is so professional. Anytime we have had to ask for an exception or had a few questions the matter was taken care of immediately. Friendly, professional staff on the barges. Great guides and chefs on board. The bikes are extremely smooth to ride and have great touring…

Tom and Katherine Harig

Reply from Boat Bike Tours

Dear Tom and Katherine, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am very happy that the recent tour you booked with Eurosail was again a good experience. I will pass your remarks to the very important people 'in the field' who do such a great job. And ofcourse I hope to meet you again in the future on another Eurosail bike & Barge trip. Kind regards, Jossie

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Ship Allure Germany

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