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Danube Countries

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Bike barge tour Danube — cycle & cruise “the Blue Danube”

Aside from valley landscapes, fine cuisine, delectable wines, ancient architecture and a wealth of cultural heritage, you will have one constant as you travel central Europe:

The Danube River. This charismatic (but not actually not blue) waterway is entrenched in the song, folklore, history and breathtaking scenery of countries including (but not limited to) Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, and Serbia.

A bike barge tour along the Danube is a perfect way to explore these countries as you can admire them from the two best possible perspectives — from the water onboard a comfortable barge and up close and personal, from your bike saddle on daily cycle trips.

Experience the best of the Danube countries

Your bike barge tour Danube is a ticket to the attractions of Europe’s most charismatic capital cities: the baroque and imperial palaces of Vienna, Budapest’s hilltop bastions and iconic bridges, and the vibrant culture of Belgrade, the “White City”. Nevertheless, you’ll also uncover hidden gems as you bike the river’s path, passing through charming villages, regions famous for their local tipples and culinary traditions, and spotting relics of rich history.

A few particular highlights include the vineyards, wine cellars and hilltop fortresses of Austria’s Wachau Valley, the impressive monolith of Hungary’s Esztergom Basilica, and the Danube’s Schlögener Schlinge Great Loop, where the river makes a full 360° turn on itself.

What to expect from a Bike barge tour on the Danube

All of our tours depart from and end at Germany’s “Three-Rivers City”, Passau. These bike barge tours on the Danube pass through gentle terrain and varied landscapes, making them a suitable and popular trip for all ages. In addition to fascinating bike tours through romantic Danube settings, evenings in your floating hotel are time to relax. We offer live music on some boats, panorama salons on others or even a pool on the MS Carissima. And if you don’t feel like biking one day, you can skip the bike tour and cruise to your next destination!