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Discover the best of what the beautiful Province of North Holland has to offer. Explore flat “polder” landscapes – a polder is a low-lying tract of land enclosed by embankments – the North Sea coast, towering sand dunes, long sandy beaches, historic windmills, the island of Texel and the many picturesque harbour towns along the coast of IJsselmeer Lake.

Day 1 (Sat): Amsterdam | Amsterdam – Zaandam

Day 2 (Sun): Zaandam – ‘Zaanse Schans’ – Alkmaar (Approx. 50 km/31 miles)

Day 3 (Mon): Alkmaar – Callantsoog – Den Helder (Approx. 60 km/38 miles) | Den Helder – Oudeschild (Texel)

Day 4 (Tue): Texel Oudeschild – Oudeschild (Approx. 15-65 km/9-41 miles) | Texel – Den Oever

Day 5 (Wed): Den Oever – Medemblik | Medemblik – Enkhuizen (Approx. 30-50 km/19-31 miles)

Day 6 (Thu): Enkhuizen – Hoorn – Volendam (Approx. 50 km/31 miles)

Day 7 (Fri): Volendam – Waterland – Amsterdam (Approx. 35-50 km/22-31 miles)

Day 8 (Sat): Amsterdam

In italics printed parts will be covered by the ship